Our Policies


In 1978, Macedonia Gospel Publications International (MGPI) began publishing gospel tracts to assist missionaries in the work evangelism. It was determined from the very beginning to supply soul winning gospel tracts free of charge to missionaries. Therefore our primary purpose and policy is to supply gospel tracts to missionaries without cost to the missionary as the Lord provides.  We are able to do this through donations and by tracts that are supplied to local churches on a love offering basis. The ministry of MGPI operates by faith. MGPI prints tracts for churches of like faith and practice to assist them in their evangelistic outreach.

MGPI is a nonprofit organization. MGPI does not do commercial printing. We reserve the right to refuse to print for those that do not meet our policy of non-commercial printing or doctrinal statement.  

In addition to the tract printing ministry, MGPI does most of the printing for Macedonia World Baptist Missions, Inc., including our magazine, Focus on the Field, published twice per year.  Individual printing jobs such as letterheads, envelopes, brochures and other  materials are printed for our missionaries on a cost basis.  A missionary prayer letter service is also provided to MWBM missionaries on a cost basis.

MGPI uses the King James Bible in all of our English material. This has been the fundamental policy of  Macedonia World Baptist Missions from the very beginning. This is where MGPI will always stand.